Shane Corn

I have been working as a professional in the animation industry since 2005. My focus is to create appealing characters and elements for the media I am working with, wether it be print or production. I work quickly, I am easy to get along with, and I pride myself on being a versatile team player. I am available for Character Design, Prop Design, Color Design and BG Paint.
Bento Box  — 2020-2022
Color Designer for Netflix Series “Farzar” and “Paradise PD” as well as Fox series “Housebroken”.
Simon and Schuster — 2019-2022
Colorist for the Educational Graphic Novel line “Show Me History”.
Warner Bros.  Animation — 2015-2016
Character clean up, Color and Prop design for Series “Right Now Kapow”.
6 Point Harness — 2015-2016
Character Designer, Props, and Harmony Building for multiple “Awesomeness tv” shorts as well as the PBS series “Greeks”.
ADHD — 2013-2015
Prop Design, Clean up, Color Design, Layout and setup for  “Axe Cop” “Golan the Insatiable” “Major Laser” and “Stone Quackers” Series.
Maker Studios — 2011-2013
Designer for web series including “ShayBeard” and “Broken Quest”
Nickelodeon Virtual — 2008-2011
Illustrated and Animated characters as well as environmental design for the Online Community of NeoPets and Petpet park
Cartoon Network Studios — 2005
Prop Design for Cartoon Network series “Camp Lazlo”.
Art Institute Chicago  — 1996-1997
Harmony, Photoshop, Procreate, Adobe Suite
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